Covering more than 70 per cent of Earth’s surface and supplying more than half the oxygen we breathe, the deep blue is vital to human life. It’s a source of food, jobs and leisure activities, and home to some 700,000 species (that we know of). As “climate change” becomes “climate crisis”, these are a few things you can do to help protect our oceans. 1. Buy sustainable seafood Unsustainable fishing practices are destroying habitats and endangering many different species in our oceans. While eating less seafood can help – don’t worry, you can get some omega 3s from plants – where you do buy fish, look out for labels that prove it was sourced sustainably. The MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) “ecolabel” is a good indicator as are terms such as “line-caught” or “sustainably harvested. In restaurants, make a habit of asking whether the fish served is ethically sourced. Even small lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on the environment . Intensive research has proved that the actions you take every day can affect water levels, temperatures and the ocean’s pH. Be mindful of switching off lights, reach for a jumper instead of the heating, recycle, walk where possible […]


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