Barcelona will soon be the latest city to add a large number of electric buses to its fleet, replacing aging diesel buses in the process. The European Investment Bank ( EIB ) is granting a EUR 73.5 million loan ($81.8 million) to the city’s public transport operator, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB). TMB will be replacing diesel and first-generation compressed natural gas buses with more than 250 new buses. Not all of the buses will be electric, however. Of the 254 “new, safer, less polluting and more modern vehicles” to be put into service, 116 will be electric. The remainder of the order will be made up of hybrid and new compressed natural gas buses. Hybrids will replace 20 diesel double-decker buses. The new buses will come in three waves: 105 buses in late 2019, 75 more in 2020, and the final 74 buses should arrive by 2021. The EIB notes the new buses will help reduce pollution in the city as the service continues to become more popular: This will enable TMB to accelerate the transition to a zero-emission bus network and to improve service quality and reliability. In addition to improving air quality, the goal is to […]


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