Photos from Unsplash . Across Asia, various efforts to improve the dire global issue of pollution have been making headlines. Take when Thai and Vietnamese supermarkets started using banana leaves instead of plastic as an example, or when the Philippines did the same . Seeing these changes restores our faith in humanity, and only more are happening throughout the region. On top of throwing hats in the air and going out for post-celebration food, planting trees is officially becoming a part of the Filipino graduation tradition. This has happened since a bill was passed by the House of Representatives requiring elementary, high school and college students to plant 10 trees before being able to graduate, the CNN reports. The “Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act,” was passed on May 15th by Gay Alejano, MADGALO representative, and Strike Revilla, Cavite 2nd District representative. On top of having an immediate positive impact on the environment, the bill will also instil a new set of environmentally friendly values in young kids. Over generations, it is hoped that kids with this mindset will go on to take more far-reaching environmental actions for long-lasting change. Explaining the motive behind the bill, Alejano said: "With […]


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