Combining rooftop PV with battery storage and an electric vehicle can more than halve the payback period for a home solar system, and fast-charge the transition to renewables, a new report has found. The report, by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), analysed the economic impact of combining rooftop solar with batteries and EVs, and the effects of different policy incentives – and disincentives – in Britain and Germany. The report asserts that batteries and EVs can boost the economics of rooftop solar, by enabling households to use more of the electricity they produce, thereby increasing power bill savings, and reducing the payback period on the solar system. “EVs create a new source of demand for solar power,” said Christian Kunze, co-author of the report and senior energy researcher at Smart Innovation Norway, a renewable energy think tank. “Battery storage gives households further control over how they use their solar generation.” The modelling shows that in Britain – where it currently takes an astounding 19 years to pay off rooftop solar – the payback for a “typical” 4kW rooftop PV system when combined with an 8kWh battery and a small 35kWh EV could be slashed to […]


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