Reducing the waste we produce should be a key goal for all those who want to live a greener, more ethical and sustainable way of life. Living a zero waste lifestyle is the only way to ensure that we are part of the solution to the planet’s ills rather than part of the problem. In this article, we will look at home we can go about living a zero waste lifestyle in an RV, whether we vacation in one, or live in an RV full time. What is a Zero Waste Lifestyle? A zero waste lifestyle is one in which all the basic needs of existence are met without the generation of any waste. Waste can take a variety of different forms. We might be taking about wasting energy , water, food or a wide range of other resources. One of the most pressing concerns, however, for those living a zero waste lifestyle, is the plastic and plastic composite waste that humanity generates in copious amounts. Moving towards a zero waste lifestyle is all about taking back control, and taking responsibility for the things we buy, the things we throw away, and the true cost of those things. The […]


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