A new type of transport truck will produce zero emissions. (Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press) A new type of heavy transport truck will soon be on the road in Alberta and its drivers won’t be fuelling up at gas stations. The truck will run on electricity powered by hydrogen — and produce zero emissions. Transport trucks are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, which are scientifically linked to contributing to climate change. So researchers and industry want to know if electric power can move the heavy vehicles — and how much. So they’re running a pilot project, led by the Alberta Motor Transport Association, to see if the power from hydrogen fuel will be enough. It will be a first for Canada. "We’re really testing the ability of this new innovative technology to actually meet the needs of the trucking sector," said David Layzell, director of the Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research Initiative (CESAR). The project will develop two heavy-duty, 64-tonne hybrid trucks with hydrogen fuel cells. Over three years, they’ll move freight year-round between Edmonton and Calgary. The $15-million project is scheduled to run until 2022. Although the trucks don’t produce emissions themselves, their overall cleanliness depends on […]


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