Your favorite food truck is most likely powered by gas or diesel, but they will now have the option to go all-electric with Lightning Systems launching its electric powertrain for the Ford F-59, a model used for food trucks. Lightning Systems is a Loveland, CO-based designer and manufacturer of zero-emission all-electric powertrains for commercial fleets. They buy chassis from automakers like Ford and install their own all-electric powertrain in them to offer zero-emission fleet solutions to clients. This week, they are launching a new electric powertrain for all the configurations of the Ford F-59. They described the powertrain in a press release: “The Lightning F-59 offers two range variants – either 80 or 110 miles – with a modular, state-of-the-art, thermally-managed lithium ion battery systems with 96 or 128 kWh respectively. The battery system will accommodate a full charge in under two hours for 80 miles of range and a little over 2 hours for the 110-mile range version with DC Fast Charging. The powertrain supports full regenerative braking, with industry-leading efficiency that adds range while reducing wear and tear on the friction brakes. The vehicle comes with Lightning Analytics, the leading electric powertrain telematics-analytics system that provides detailed […]


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