Organic producer numbers grew in 2018 in spite of uncertainty in the sector. Share This While the number of organic processors has declined, bucking the trend seen over the previous five years, the number of organic producers has increased. According to Defra’s organic farming statistics for 2018, the number of organic producers were up over 2 per cent since 2017 at 3544. Overall organic land area has reduced, indicating a shift away from larger farms. Roger Kerr, chief executive of Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G), said it reflected confidence in the sector. “Continued growth of consumer demand for high-welfare and environmentally friendly produce has seen organic sales increase steadily in the last seven years, which has in turn triggered an increase in organic farm conversions.” He added organic farming also continued on its positive trajectory on a global scale, with organic land area and producer numbers at an all-time high. Its licensees had increased by 2.5 per cent driven by new entrants to organic. Growth OF&G certifies half the organic land in the UK and Mr Kerr believes their year-on-year growth was a result of working with a growing number of very successful organic businesses. “Our producers are achieving […]


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