We expect big things from General Motors when it comes to electric cars, but it seems we are always disappointed. It has the resources and the talent to be a world leader, yet somehow it continues to offer blue sky blandishments while delivering next to nothing of substance. The Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid was a pretty good car — back in 2013 — but it is now out of production. The Chevy Bolt battery electric car is okay but hardly a world beater. Image credit: GM, via MSN The General has stubbornly refused to leverage what it learned from creating the Volt/Bolt twins. I am no marketing guru, but I read all the time how economies of scale can lower the cost of developing new technology. The first unit may cost a million dollars, but the millionth unit will cost far less. Yet GM continues to treat the Volt and the Bolt as afterthoughts. Economies of scale? Never heard of ’em. Have you ever seen an ad for either car? Has GM applied the plug-in hybrid lessons it learned from the Volt to any other cars in its lineup? Sort of. It did create a hybrid Malibu using parts […]


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