Zero Waste, eco-chic home gadgets every circular economy home will have in 5-10 Years time. Guest Opinion Piece By Aldous Hicks, CEO and Co-founder of ReCircle Recycling Ltd Poster by Greenpeace declaring planet earth first One of the biggest threats to our planet is human beings and the way we live and consume. We burn coal, oil, gas, and wood for energy. We mine and exploit resources. These processes release tonnes of CO2 and other chemicals into the air, warming the atmosphere, melting the ice caps and rising sea levels. We’ve thrown 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste debris into the ocean…so far. And we continue to tear down vital forests to make room for unsustainable, monoculture agriculture, pushing species to the brink of extinction. But it does not have to be this way. We need a circular economy, zero waste revolution by changing our attitude to how we consume. Let’s turn plastic waste collected during a volunteer beach clean-up to zero waste As a civilisation, we know things have to change. The question is: what and how? Amazingly there is not a lot we need to do to change. What we have to do is consider the cost […]


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