LANSING, N.Y. – The Cayuga Power Plant in Lansing will end its coal operations and reopen as a data storage center if all goes according to company plans. At a Lansing Town Board meeting Wednesday, supervisor Ed LaVigne circulated a memo from the Cayuga Operating Company announcing that the company intends to transition from being a power producer to a power consumer. "They want to get out of the power generating business … They have no intent, and they’re willing to sign a paper saying so, that they have no desire to re-power the plant with natural gas," LaVigne said while presenting information provided by Jerry Goodenough, vice president of development for Cayuga Operating Company. The power plant has operated on the east shore of Cayuga Lake since 1955, burning coal to produce electricity and using lake water to cool its steam turbines. In 2016, an application submitted by the company to convert its coal-fired generators to natural gas was rejected by the New York State Public Services Commission , but the company continued to pursue a transition to natural gas. In November, Goodenough submitted a letter to the Tompkins County Legislature laying out the company’s plans to truck […]


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