While cities are often seen as centers of innovation, a growing number of islands are quietly leading the way in smart technology . Islands worldwide are positioning themselves as incubators as they work towards becoming self-sufficient & reducing carbon footprints, leading to the adoption of new smart technology . Their growth has the potential to provide replicable models for larger areas, meaning many islands are becoming blueprints for the future development for the rest of the world, while themselves transforming into sustainable communities for the benefit of the local population. The limitations of island life mean islanders have long been innovative, making do with resources available locally. While often deemed peripheral to modern life, for environmental issues, island communities are at the forefront. Climate change impacts are more acute on small islands and therefore the need for adaptation solutions is more pressing, driving innovative approaches. Arno Boersma, Director of UNDP’s Centre of Excellence for Small Island Developing States highlights the opportunity for islands to exchange knowledge and benefit from each other’s experiences: "Islands face many common challenges, and often a lack of resources to address them. Therefore, knowledge sharing of proven solutions that address the SDGs can be particularly […]


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