Josie Ford Later this week, the people of 28 countries will vote to elect their representatives in the European Parliament for the next five years. One of them, the UK, has been brought to the ballot box kicking and screaming, having voted to leave the European Union and its directly elected assembly almost three years ago. This is the world’s second biggest democratic vote – coincidentally, results from the biggest, the Indian general election, are also expected this week. Current opinion polls suggest a wave of anger will propel populist, anti-establishment parties to victory across swathes of Europe. Right-wing populists may even become the largest bloc in the parliament. That is a problem for the planet. Some of these parties hold views on climate change that make Donald Trump look like a well-informed moderate, as a report published earlier this year by German environmental think-tank Adelphi makes plain. France’s National Rally, for example, supports solar and wind energy fabriqué en France as a way of reducing foreign energy imports, but rejects international action on climate change , denouncing the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change as a “communist project”. Germany’s AfD says governments suppress the truth that carbon dioxide […]


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