I first covered the Sunra MIKU MAX electric scooter late last year. The article blew up and it seemed that people had some very strong views either for or against the weird little personal electric vehicle . So when I finally got the chance to test ride one recently at the Barcelona Motor Show , I of course jumped on it. And here’s how it went. The MIKU MAX electric scooter This is by far one of the weirdest electric scooters I’ve gotten a chance to try. The MIKU MAX is technically a scooter, though one with an unconventional design. The frame is C-shaped, leaving a large hollow void under the seat. The idea is that you could use it for cargo storage, though I’d probably add some cargo nets to either side to keep all of my junk in place. The nice thing about the oddly shaped open area is that you can carry much larger objects than in a trunk. Things like cardboard boxes, laundry bags, step ladders… you name it! If it can fit in the void and not cause a danger to other vehicles around you, you can probably do it. MIKU MAX tech specs […]


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