Caring For Pre-Owned Clothes Last month, we published a piece about the pros and cons of buying fast fashion secondhand and one of our readers brought to our attention that there are continued concerns about the hygiene level of pre-loved pieces. In addition, there’s still a lot of confusion about how to properly care for these pieces! I’ve already unpacked how secondhand clothing is an important resource when it comes to staying on top of fashion’s cyclical nature and now I’m here to give you yet another reason why, with proper care, vintage and secondhand clothing can be the answer to all your wardrobe needs. First, what’s the difference between vintage and secondhand? If you’re not completely clear on what differentiates vintage from secondhand here’s a quick guide: vintage means anything which has aged at least 20 years (so yes, that means the 1990s are now vintage ) and secondhand refers to clothing items which have not been around as long but have been owned or worn before. There is always a small risk when buying vintage or secondhand clothing that something could go wrong because they have been worn before and they have been mixed in with other […]


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