Electric cars will take over roads in Canada and around the world. This is not simply the opinion of environmentalists, but a reality echoed by most analysts and automakers. It’s why Volkswagen is betting everything on a fast-approaching electric future. It’s why Ford just dropped a cool $500 million into electric truck startup Rivian with an eye toward electrifying its F-series (the bestselling trucks in Canada). And it’s why there’s a combined US$300 billion being invested by 29 global automakers into electric vehicles. A car is charged at a charge station for electric vehicles on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday. Here in Canada, sales of new electric vehicles nearly doubled last year. In Norway, there were more electric cars sold than gas ones last month. One of the more pessimistic outlooks for electric cars, courtesy of ExxonMobil , sees the number of electric cars growing from two million to around 160 million in just 20 years. But perhaps, more than any factoid, what signals that a transition has truly taken hold is how people react to it. On the one hand, 72 per cent of Canadians now believe electric vehicles are bound to become the new norm, according […]


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