Robert Keith The GreenBiz 19 Emerging Leaders on the mainstage. From right: Ovie Mughelli; Temis Coral Castellano; Angie De Soto; Trecinia Wiggins; Olivia Yu; Allen Townsend; Cedrik Chavez; Olivia Foulke; Awa Ndaiye; Juanita Macheca; Rachael Notto; and Joel Makower. Young people have been brought into a world that’s experiencing the biggest environmental challenge it’s seen in centuries: how to combat and counteract climate change. They are also — so it’s been said — the "last generation that’s able to take action before it’s too late." Well, they’re trying. Young folks are leading new climate movements and speaking out for environmental justice around the world. And as they pursue jobs and careers, they’re looking for meaningful, sustainability-focused work. The field of corporate sustainability is high-impact, high-reward work; however, there are many barriers to entry and employment. Corporate sustainability tends to have its own lexicon, many positions call for higher education degrees or certificates, and the community may seem insular to outsiders. These factors can be roadblocks to diverse, passionate young voices joining the sustainability conversation and continuing on that career path. However, expanding the points of view in that dialogue is critical to ensuring that young people from all over […]


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