Katy Perry’s Met Gala outfit was inspired by Impossible Foods | image: Katy Perry/Instagram Simon Cowell goes vegan and Snoop Dogg rallies against climate change April ended with a bang. Vegan burgers are finally going mainstream thanks to Burger King’s new meatless Whopper, which did “exceedingly well,” according to the company. That’s not all for veggie burgers — soon, those White Castle Impossible Sliders might come with a dairy-free cheese option. Across the pond, the UK’s leading supermarket is adding vegan protein to the meat aisles and Australians are going vegetarian in record numbers. Former “American Idol” host Simon Cowell, who turns 60 this year, decided that meat, dairy, eggs , and fish are off his plate — and he’s already celebrating the health benefits of his new vegan lifestyle . On Earth Day, Miley Cyrus , Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, and a host of other A-list celebs gathered together for a climate-focused song. And blues legend Willie Nelson opened his heart and his home to horses he saved from slaughter. Spring is finally here and change is in the air — here are the top 11 vegan news stories from April. The Top 11 Plant-Based News Stories for […]


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