In the buzz of the cities and confined spaces, where prices soar with each inch of land, you might be wondering is there any chance of adding eco-friendliness to the already worsened situation? Today to afford a home with a spacious garden is only in the scope of billionaires or the ones who are lucky to have been property-fed by their ancestors. As much as technology has made aggravated the situations for nature, it has even benefited life and compensated for the same. Today we are here to share with you a few hacks of how can one convert their homes, may it be a duplex or a single room, into the eco-friendly and trendy way. Before we move on to the hacks, why not understand the need for the same. Were you enticed at the mere glance of a teak wood furnished home? At the same time did you ponder on how much has it deteriorated nature’s quality just to give a regal look to your home? Eco-friendly homes are nothing but the one that assures low carbon-footprints release and harnessing energy from renewable energy sources to its optimum level. Here are a few tricks to engineer the […]


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