CC BY 2.0 Morgannn! Shoppers can now choose to support a broader range of social issues. "Wear your beliefs" is a catchy tagline that appears on the TOMS website , and the company is trying to make that more accurate than ever. The maker of simple canvas shoes has long been known for its buy one/give one model that promises a new pair of shoes to someone in the developing world for every pair that is purchased. As successful as it’s been, the company has felt lately that it needs to rethink its iconic business model to better reflect customers’ interests. Starting May 7, shoppers will be able to choose from five new giving campaigns when purchasing a pair of shoes – providing safe water, ending gun violence, fighting homelessness, supporting mental health, or working toward greater equality and women’s rights. Donating a pair of shoes remains an option as well. The campaign to end gun violence has been ongoing since November 2018, resulting in a $5 million donation and 700,000 Americans sending postcards to their representatives in Congress to pass legislation that mandates universal background checks. But this campaign does not resonate with everyone, and the company wants […]


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