WATERLOO REGION — When Emily Schroeder’s 2014 Volkswagen Passat TDI got caught up in the automaker’s 2015 emissions scandal, she was suddenly in the market for a new car. She loved her diesel, but wanted to see what else was available. That’s when the German company’s new all-electric Golf caught her eye. Despite some uncertainty about the battery, especially during cold Canadian winters when range can decrease by as much as half, she opted for the new 2017 e-Golf — the first all-electric vehicle in Volkswagen’s Canadian lineup. "Now I have a home charging station, and I can just drive right past the gas station," she says with a laugh. The car gets about 200 kilometres per charge, which is more than enough for her to make quick trips around town and to commute to her job at the University of Waterloo. Saving on fuel and maintenance costs was a big factor in her decision, as well as the reduced impact on the environment. "I really do care about emissions and sustainability," she said. Schroeder isn’t alone in her decision to go electric, as the number of electric vehicles registered within Waterloo Region has seen a significant spike in […]


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