The Warrington Community Garden in Philadelphia: Gardens in Pennsylvania’s largest city are feeling the pressures of a hot real estate market. (Rob Cardillo) May 1 Rock-star Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently announced her initiation into gardening in the form of a modest four-foot-square community garden plot. On Twitter, she asked her 4 million followers for advice on what to plant, but before I could fumble for my glasses and compose an answer, she had received 8,300 responses. Even those helpful fans may have been too slow off the mark; she soon announced that she had gone to a Capitol Hill garden center and received sufficient guidance. The last post of the day showed the plot fully planted with an instant garden that included herbs, vegetables and blooms. Happy Sunday! Excited to say I’m tending to a community garden plot for the next few months 🙂 It’s a 4×4 plot we get to tend to now through Sept. Any green-thumbs out with sage🌱 words of advice? What should I plant? (Ideally at least 1 edible thing but we can do flowers too) This may be a case of cramming things a bit close — we all do it, especially as novices […]


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