German designer Basse Stittgen aims to address the issue of global food waste and overconsumption with a series of tableware objects made solely from out-of-date eggs. As part of his project, called How Do You Like Your Eggs?, Stittgen aims to explore the "extraordinary materiality" of commonplace items, such as waste food. As a result, function and material unite as Stittgen turns discarded eggs into a series of golden-hued bioplastic egg cups and saucers, patterned with flecks of the broken shells. "Annually, an average of 6.4 billion hens lay 1.1 trillion eggs," said Stittgen. "Simultaneously, one third of all food per year is lost or wasted, which includes eggs that have a short shelf-life and whose fragile shell is not the most suitable protection against processing and transport." "From domestication to industrialisation, the value of chickens and their eggs has progressively decreased," he continued. How Do You Like Your Eggs? aims to address this shift in value by generating awareness about the scale of egg waste, and more specifically about our consumption habits. "In today’s context, traditional non-degradable plastics are highly problematic, especially because of our throw-away culture," said Stittgen. "Opposed to that, in this project a new, fully […]


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