I have a soft spot for the Ford Bronco. Not O.J. Simpson’s one, but the classic one from 1965. My liking for this car, though, is nothing compared to the love that Zero Labs put into these amazing restorations, turning derelict cars into 21st-century electric SUVs that maintain the spirit of the Bronco. Zero Labs is not manufacturing new cars. The cars they sell—initially a limited edition of 150, available for reservation—are detailed restorations of forgotten or non-functional Bronco “survivors.” In fact, the company says that it doesn’t restore good-condition, unaltered classic cars: “We think they should live out their lives first,” CEO Adam Roe says. [Photo: courtesy Zero Labs] The company redesigned and reengineered old Broncos, using new materials and custom-designed parts. From the 100% electric motor and batteries—a 70 kWh lithium-ion power pack that gives a 190-mile range with a 400 horsepower—to seats refurbished with hand-stitched leather to panels made of walnut and bamboo woods, the cars were carefully retrofitted. The result is a car that looks like a slightly futuristic version of the original. I spoke with Roe via email, who told me that they chose the Broncos partly out of love—he had several himself—and partly […]


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