An ‘Impossible Whopper’ sits on a table at a Burger King restaurant in Richmond Heights, Missouri. Burger King announced on Monday that it is testing out Impossible Whoppers, made with plant-based patties from Impossible Foods, in 59 locations in and around St. Louis area. Michael Thomas/Getty Images Burger King will offer the Impossible Whopper in each of its 7,200 American restaurants by the end of 2019. The catch? The burger is made with no meat. The Impossible Burger, a mock-meat product made by Impossible Foods Inc., is already thriving — so much so that a restaurant in New York City tried to replace it with a competing substitute-meat product, and reported some customers turned around and left when they heard about the switch. Burger King’s rollout follows White Castle, which sells another version of the Impossible Burger. These burgers are part of a movement to reduce or replace the red meat in diets. Here’s the environmental argument: Agriculture is responsible for up to 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions globally, and much of the emissions come from red meat production. A lot of land and water are needed to grow the grains to feed the livestock. (About one-third of […]


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