© Lost Property A collective wardrobe spares resources, reduces clutter, and provides a steady stream of fabulous outfits. It’s win-win all around. The idea of a library used to be limited to books, but in recent years we’re seeing a rise in different kinds of libraries. Toy libraries, tool libraries, and now fashion libraries are popping up all over, evidence that people are realizing the value in sharing resources collectively, rather than all trying to own the same things. Lost Property is one of these brilliant new clothing libraries. Based in Fremantle, Australia, it is on a mission to fight fast fashion and conquer wardrobe clutter, while still allowing people to indulge their desire for new and trendy styles. From a press release: "Think of the portion of your own closet that you’re bored of, never wear and don’t care about, gathering dust, moths and decades. These excess clothes that we all have in the closet could be called a waste, as someone else would happily wear these clothes as fresh new items in their own personal look." Donations are collected, sorted, and graded before they go into the library, which ensures a well-curated collection. Any garments that cannot […]


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