A California company wants to build high-end electric sports cars in a new factory on the West Plains. The ambitious project by Mullen Technologies would create 863 jobs within seven years, the company said. The company signed a letter of intent with the West Plains Public Development Authority calling for the agency to build and lease 1.3 million square feet for a factory along with a research and development area for creation, production and assembly of the $150,000 Qiantu K50. The company said it will initially bring 55 jobs to the Spokane region. The company, through Mullen Energy, expressed interest in bringing research and development of lightweight lithium batteries, which could create more than 3,000 jobs. “We are looking forward to working with the West Plains PDA to bring strong wage earning jobs to the Spokane region,” David Michery, CEO of Mullen Technologies, said in a statement. “(The) PDA and Mullen are working very closely as we introduce the Qiantu K50 all electric sports car to the U.S. market, along with emerging battery cell technology.” The agreement calls for the West Plains PDA to build the facilities, provide rail access and lease the site to Mullen Technologies. The PDA […]


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