Fashion may not definitively be the world’s second most polluting industry, but the considerable waste it produces, coupled with the traditional lack of transparency of supply chains, makes it vital to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. Fortunately, as environmental consciousness continues to grow, a variety of brands are injecting ethical and mindful practices back into fashion. As Earth Day approaches this Monday, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite sustainable fashion brands striving to make a difference. Allen Schwartz Found in 2017, this Los Angeles-based brand commits itself to creating contemporary staples that can stand the test of time. With a seasonless approach in mind, Allen Schwartz emphasizes quality and quantity control. The brand manufactures all its products near its headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, and sources its textiles from small, local family mills in Italy and France. Allen Schwartz’s designs are produced in small batches to minimize waste, and it’s continuously looking to improve its internal conditions to create a more sustainable and ethical supply chain. Upholding its commitment to ethical design, the label refrains from using both animal furs and leathers to create its products. Alix Ruffled Blouse Allen Schwartz Alix Ruffled Blouse With its trending neutral […]


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