Primatologist Jane Goodall is arguably the world’s best known conservationist for her research on chimps and her efforts to raise awareness on environmental issues globally. On April 3rd, Jane turned 85 and was honored by the City of Los Angeles for her contributions to the planet. And actor Leonardo Dicaprio hosted a star-studded birthday dinner for her. For the occasion, Mongabay’s founder Rhett Butler interviewed Jane about some examples of why she remains optimistic for wildlife and wild places. Disclosure: Jane is a member of Mongabay’s advisory council. To honor Jane Goodall, the City of Los Angeles declared her 85th birthday, April 3, 2019, to be “Dr. Jane Goodall Day” and hosted a ceremony where the conservation icon talked about many things including her connection to the city. Her birthday was capped by a dinner gathering hosted by her friend, actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio. After her birthday, Jane, a Mongabay advisory board member, recounted in an interview a 1990s visit to L.A. where she won over of a room full of skeptical senior police officials with a chimpanzee call and provided an update on new initiatives via the Jane Goodall Institute , Roots and Shoots , and her […]


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