Canada’s most recent food guide not only provides updated healthy eating suggestions, but includes major changes such as eliminating the four food groups and specific serving recommendations, doing away with decades of convention. These revisions are part of Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy and the new guide uses science-backed suggestions to improve healthy eating recommendations. The guide was last published in 2007 and the new changes are due in part to user suggestions to make the guidelines easier to implement in everyday life. The multi-year revision process took into account current consumption trends, consumer’s health status, environmental context, current dietary guidance, and links between food, nutrients, and health. This revised guide attempts to be more inclusive of Indigenous Peoples and aims to be relevant to all Canadians. Here’s a look at some of the big changes. Eat a variety of healthy food every day There is less of an emphasis on the serving size of each food type that people should eat, but a picture in the guide illustrates a plate that is half full of fruits and vegetables, one-quarter full of various proteins, and one-quarter full of whole grains. It’s these proportions that are relevant more than an exact […]


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