Electric vehicle detractors are rejoicing after a new study from the Munich-based IFO Institute for Economic Research is claiming electric cars are dirtier than diesel, but the study is already being debunked for being extremely flawed. Automakers and the fossil fuel industry have often pushed the idea that electric vehicles are worse for the environment than diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles because they are powered by dirty electricity. Studies looking at overall emissions based on electricity generation have actually debunked this and showed that electric cars are cleaner and becoming cleaner as renewable energy is becoming a more important part of the electric grid. Studies have been done specifically showing that EVs are cleaner than diesel no matter which European grid electricity you use . However, the Ifo Institute for Economic Research came out earlier this month with a new study again using the same argument that dirty electricity is making electric cars worse for the environment than diesel: “Considering Germany’s current energy mix and the amount of energy used in battery production, the CO2 emissions of battery-electric vehicles are, in the best case, slightly higher than those of a diesel engine, and are otherwise much higher.” The professors behind […]


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