Editor’s Note: This is the inaugural blog post from Brent Suter, starting pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers and Outrider’s Sports Ambassador for the Environment. A Major League Baseball clubhouse probably isn’t the first place you’d think that environmental debate happens but trust me, at least with the Brewers, it goes down! While we don’t always come to a consensus on the issue of climate change, I’ve found I’ve had some success by talking to my teammates about why this is an important issue to discuss, and through leading by example. I share the Outrider Foundation’s philosophy that as good stewards of the environment, it’s important that we do more than preach to the choir. To make any significant progress, we also need to increase the size of our congregation. Sports is a great way to reach new audience members, and that’s one reason I’m so excited to team up with Outrider to expand our collective voice. But more important than tactics, I share Outrider’s mission – preserving the long-term viability of our planet for future generations. I’m pleased to join the group as a sports ambassador, and you’ll be hearing from me throughout 2019 as we collaborate on a […]


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