ELECTRIC motoring is coming to the masses – and it’ll have an eco-friendly twist sure to keep vegans happy. In unveiling the sixth of its all-electric ID concept cars in Shanghai overnight – a large SUV with three rows of seats – Volkswagen also signalled its intention to use eco-friendly materials made from plants. The ID Roomzz uses a new material "that consists of a renewable raw material" called AppleSkin on the seats. Volkswagen is developing a range of electric cars to fit all markets. Already used in shoes, AppleSkin is produced from the cores and skins of apples to create something similar to leather. The ID Roomzz also has "specially processed wooden veneers" on parts of the door panels, while a system called CleanAir actively monitors air quality and is claimed to remove impurities to ensure those inside are always breathing clean air. In a nod to the connected era it has play and pause symbols on the accelerator and brake pedals. The ID Roomzz will also have three rows of seats, potentially accommodating seven occupants. The ID Roomzz will be a seven-seat electric SUV. Designer Klaus Bischoff describes it as a "monolith, appearing to be seamlessly machined […]


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