It’s the largest city in the United States to do so Chicago just became the largest city in the United States to commit to 100 percent clean energy. Legislation passed unanimously today by the city council will enable the metropolis of 2.7 million to power all of its buildings on clean and renewable energy by 2035. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), which is the country’s second-largest public transportation system , will completely electrify its fleet of over 1,850 buses by 2040. This means that Chicago is now officially a part of the Ready for 100 club, joining 118 other cities across the country that have committed to generating 100 percent energy from clean, renewable sources, and six of which ( Aspen , Burlington , Georgetown , Greensburg , Rock Port , and Kodiak Island ) have reached their goals. It will take several years to work out how exactly this will happen. Resolution R2019-157 calls for the development of a transition plan by December 2020, which will lay out a timeline and project milestones. The resolution passed today was one of 50 “actionable” initiatives in “Resilient Chicago,” a road map for the future of the city released in February. […]


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