For the food industry, climate change presents real risks–flooding, heat waves, and drought can ruin crops, and water shortages can limit production at factories. Food companies are already cutting emissions and planning to adapt. But one group of corporations is taking the next step and calling on the U.S. government to take stronger action, including setting a price on carbon. The new Sustainable Food Policy Alliance, including Nestlé USA, Unilever, Danone North America, and Mars, Inc., is asking the government to establish an “ambitious” carbon pricing system aligned with the Paris agreement, accelerate clean energy deployment, include agriculture and forestry in an incentive-based program to cut emissions, and invest in more resilient infrastructure and promote equity. “It’s vital that corporations like Unilever demonstrate that sustainable practices can be good for society, good for the environment, and good for business,” says Stefani Millie, senior manager of external affairs at Unilever North America. “We know we can’t solve these systemic issues on our own, so we work with other large corporations, as we do with the Sustainable Food Policy Alliance, to use our collective leadership to drive more powerful change at a quicker pace.” It’s not the first time that companies […]


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