Humans don’t exactly have a stellar record when it comes to environmental stewardship, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t trying. Numerous projects around the world are working to rebuild lost habitats, protect vital wildlife highways, and regenerate lost populations. Here are a few man-made structures built on behalf of our four-footed brethren. Cattle Creeps: The Doggy Door of Modern Agriculture Moving a heard of cattle from one pasture to the next can be a harrowing task, especially if it involves driving that herd across a roadway or train tracks. To prevent cow-car collisions ranchers will install cattle creeps , essentially underpasses that allow the animals to avoid dangerous, immovable obstacles like roads, canals, and railway embankments. Similarly, sheep creeps act as semi-permiable barriers designed to be just big enough for a sheep to pass through but too small to allow cows or horses to do the same. Wildlife Crossings Man-made structures such as highways and railways pose very real threats to wildlife. These transportation arteries built for the convenience of man arbitrarily divide wild habitats, potentially separating existing animal populations from food and water sources, forcing them to cross the road and endure the dangers entering traffic entails. Wildlife […]


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