© Tim Gallivan This 598-square-foot model home is one of the almost two dozen homes that are slated to go up as part of a tiny house community. One of the big potential downsides of opting for a tiny house is finding a place to park it. But as we’ve seen, there’s a bunch of ways to get around this dilemma: parking in the yard of a generous friend ; forming a tiny co-housing community behind a bigger house; starting up a micro-community on derelict land ; or even launching rent-to-own initiatives . There’s also official tiny house developments , such as this tiny house community that is currently getting off the ground in Bend, Oregon. This new subdivision — the first of its kind in the area, and one of the few in Oregon — comprises of 22 lots where tiny houses with foundations will be designed by Oregon company Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes . © Tim Gallivan © Tim Gallivan © Tim Gallivan Based on the local cottage housing development code, these homes will be built on foundations, meaning the layout is quite different from your typical tiny dwelling sitting on a trailer base. As seen […]


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