The transportation sector emits more greenhouse gasses than any other industry in the U.S., and falls second only to electricity and heating worldwide. Car manufacturers like Nissan and Tesla have tried to get out in front of this by mass-producing electric passenger vehicles. But commercial vehicles like trucks, vans, and buses have been slower to decarbonize. Motiv Power Systems , a California-based company, wants to speed that process along. While most trucks and vans are custom-built to the needs of clients, says Jim Castelaz, CEO of Motiv, they generally all start with the same base frame, or chassis. Motiv, the winner of Fast Company’s 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards in the Transportation category, created an all-electric chassis, built to the same configurations of a standard chassis. Starting to convert trucks to electric power would lower fleet fuel costs and reduce the environmental impacts of heavy-duty transportation. “Our business is freeing fleets from fossil fuels,” Castelaz says. “Trucks and buses are the workhorses of our economy, they move people and goods on a daily basis, and there were no good options for electrifying these vehicles.” [Photo: Motiv] The Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis (or EPIC) aims to change that, and it […]


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