Public Domain MaxPixel No, it’s not impossible. It’s an eternal parenting dilemma, getting kids to eat vegetables and enjoy them . That last part is key because so many of the vegetables served to kids these days are hidden. They come as tater tots or pureed fruit-and-veg pouches, meaning that the kids don’t ever experience the vegetables in their intact form, and thus miss out on the flavor (and much of the nutrition). They aren’t learning to eat vegetables, but rather fruit sugars and deep-frying oil. How do you get kids on board with real vegetables? An article in the New York Times consulted several paediatricians for their advice on feeding. The consensus included the following tips: 1. Eat together. When families dine at the same table, it creates a positive atmosphere that has been shown to result in better physical and mental health down the road. Regarding vegetables specifically, it’s a chance for parents to model healthy consumption and enjoyment. A kid can still be given choices, like cucumber slices vs. celery sticks, but should be expected to eat what’s served. Dr. Nimali Fernando said, "When families provide an alternative meal for a child, then he’s learning, ‘If […]


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