Hannath, wife of a school principal, finds satisfaction and income from her interest in farming. While pursuing her interest in vegetable cultivation, Hannath has not made any compromises in her household duties. "Earning an income at home, without depending on others, is indeed a matter of pride. Moreover, we have not purchased vegetables over the last 6-7 years," she says. After growing the vegetables in the compound of the house, Hannath sells them over WhatsApp. Demand for her produce is so high that as soon as she posts photos of her harvest on her WhatsApp group, customers reach her doorstep. Hannath never has to bargain and the customers pay her the money she demands. She fixes a price considering the amount she spent on the crop and her physical effort. The main customers are the doctors and officials in her neighbourhood. Moreover, as she lives near the city, there is no dearth of demand for organic vegetables. Last month, Hannath earned Rs 7,000. Hannath has had to shift houses several times as her husband holds a transferable job. But to every rented house, she has brought a truck full of grow bags. She now lives at Kannadikkal in Kozhikode, […]


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