Ikea’s new plant-based strawberry flavor soft ice available on the IKEA Bistro menu across Europe now Good news if you’re at the center of the Venn diagram of people who are both dodging dairy and also looking for a new couch: IKEA is now offering a new strawberry flavor vegan soft ice in stores across Europe, as part of the IKEA Bistro menu. The new plant-based soft ice creates half the carbon footprint of their dairy version, IKEA communication specialist Vera Mertes Banchereau confirmed to me. The multinational group founded in Sweden over 70 years ago, also announced plans to offer more new flavors of plant-based soft ice in IKEA stores around the globe in future, possibly based on soy or oat milk, and taking into account cultural preferences. According to IKEA, their dairy soft ice is one of their most popular Bistro products globally. In Germany, the soft ice cone retails for fifty cents. Strawberry puree is one of the main ingredients of the new plant-based soft ice, followed by extracts including white grape juice, beetroot juice and lemon juice, Mertes Banchereau told Forbes. Answering questions on their IKEA Food Services instagram account, the IKEA team suggests double […]


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