With the number of vehicles on the road around the world expected to grow to over 2 billion by the 2040s , traffic congestion on roads will worsen to significant degree. Producing 20 percent of all air pollution, gas-burning vehicles increasingly threaten the air quality and the health of people living in the affected areas. As construction projects seek to expand roads to accommodate the increase in vehicles, more of our open spaces will need to be given over to roads or rail lines, lessening the quality of life for citizens everywhere, and don’t even really alleviate traffic congestion. If drastic steps need to be taken, could Deep Roads be the answer? Reclaiming Public Spaces From Road Traffic Source: João Pimentel Ferreira / Wikimedia Commons In cities around the world, citizens have taken the drastic step of banning road traffic through urban centers entirely. So far, among major cities struggling with congestion, Europe has been the clear leader on the car-free city center. Last year, Madrid started restricting the entry of any gas-burning vehicle made prior to the year 2000 and diesel-burning vehicles made prior to 2006 into the city. Starting next year, they won’t be allowed into the […]


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