Over the last decade, as millennials (roughly, people born between 1981 and 1996) have blown through the milestones of adulthood, direct-to-consumer startups have popped up to cater to each and every life event. Casper mattresses and Burrow sofas arrived on the steps of their first apartments and homes. Away suitcases helped them travel the world. Zola appeared to help them plan their weddings. Colugo arrived to help them carry diapers and children. Now Yardbird , a new direct-to-consumer startup founded by 34-year-old entrepreneur Jay Dillon, aims to cater to young people who are moving to homes with more outdoor space–and looking for garden furniture to outfit their more spacious suburban digs. [Photo: Yardbird] Why is good garden furniture so dang expensive? It’s not easy to furnish a deck or backyard. You can buy a garden furniture set for under $1,000 from Home Depot or Target, but you’ll sacrifice on quality (and you’ll have to assemble it yourself). Brands ranging from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware to Dedon and Castelle make durable pieces, but it could cost upwards of $10,000 to outfit your yard. And you’ll probably need to trek a showroom or retailer to pick your pieces, then figure […]


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