Google, General Motors and other big-name companies announced a new venture on Thursday that aims to make it easier for businesses to get their hands on clean energy. Driven by consumer calls for renewable energy use as the price of wind and solar continues to drop, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to go green. A new trade association assembled by industry giants including Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart and Disney, hopes to make that goal easy to achieve. The group, called the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA), aims to work toward a zero-carbon future, where every organization has the ability to offset as much of their energy use as it desires from renewable sources. With over 200 members, REBA is comprised of the largest group of clean energy buyers in the United States. By helping other businesses become better positioned to purchase renewable energy, board members say they hope to help unlock the marketplace and, eventually, transition to a completely zero-carbon energy future. “At a very fundamental level our theory of change is that we can leverage the markets and buyers have a unique role in the markets to drive the renewable energy future,” said Miranda Ballentine, REBA […]


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