Urban sprawl has put many animal and plant species on the verge of extinction, and butterflies are no exception. The California pipevine swallowtail is a beautiful blue butterfly which has been living in San Francisco for centuries. But as city development has increased since the early 20th century, this wonderful butterfly became a rare sight in the city. Saving the butterfly and reintroducing it to San Francisco became the mission for Tim Wong, an aquatic biologist, and he does it right in his backyard. Here at Bright Side we’ve learned more about the DIY efforts of this young scientist that helps rare butterflies come back to the city. © timtast1c / Instagram © timtast1c / Instagram The California pipevine swallowtail is a real wonder in the kingdom of butterflies. The life cycle of this butterfly starts with little red eggs that they lay in clutches on plant stems and leaves. Then the eggs crack and black caterpillars with orange spots appear, eventually turning into gorgeous butterflies with a deep blue color. These butterflies were found in abundance in San Francisco a long time ago, but as more and more areas of the city developed, these creatures lost their habitat […]


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