Wind and solar costs have plunged so rapidly that 74% of the US coal fleet could be phased out for renewable energy — and still save customers money, according to a report released on Monday by Energy Innovation, a nonpartisan think tank. That figure of at-risk coal plants in the United States rises to 86% by 2025 as solar and wind costs continue to plunge. The research demonstrates how it’s increasingly more expensive to operate existing coal plants than build clean energy alternatives. "US coal plants are in more danger than ever before," Mike O’Boyle, director of electricity policy at Energy Innovation, told CNN Business. "Nearly three-quarters of US coal plants are already ‘zombie coal,’ or the walking dead." That’s despite President Donald Trump’s promise to revive the beleaguered coal industry. Trump declared the end of the "war on coal" and slashed regulations that clamped down on the emissions from coal-fired power plants. Glencore will cap coal production, but some climate groups say that isn’t good enough Late last year, the administration announced plans to reverse an Obama-era coal emissions rule to make it easier to open new coal plants. Trump even appointed Andrew Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, […]


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