What did you think just before you bit into your last juicy burger at your favorite fast food restaurant? Was it the delectable smell of charcoal roasting? The fresh-off-the grill heat? The melange of tastes reminiscent of your childhood leisure? The satisfaction from a tasty meal at a good price? When you were ready to munch on that burger, did you stop to think about the path that it took for it to get from the cow on a green field to your local neighborhood market? Did you consider the various stages along the way that were — or were not — sourced sustainably? Essentially, that’s what the FAIRR Initiative and Ceres did earlier this year. They jointly led a collaborative engagement with 6 quick-service restaurant brands, asking them to set and report on clear strategies for how they are de-risking their meat and dairy supply chains. The 2 organizations advised the fast food companies to develop strong supplier policies, commit to science-based targets, and undertake climate risk scenario analyses. The $6.5 trillion investor coalition challenged the following fast food giants to set tough targets to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and water usage of their meat and dairy […]


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