Architects Sash Scott and Tamsin Hanke created the freestanding Hachi bee house from Industriell and Verberod benches IKEA worked with UK artists and designers to create this series of animal habitats, repurposed from the company’s used furniture. Architects Studio Weave and designer Adam Nathaniel Furman are among the creatives to have contributed installations to the Wildhomes for Wildlife project, which has seen IKEA products transformed into insect towers, bat shelters and bird boxes . Dom by Supermundane is a colourful birdhouse made from IKEA’s Industriell shelving units The project was masterminded by IKEA’s creative partner, the advertising agency Mother, to promote the opening of IKEA Greenwich — its "most sustainable store", according to the Swedish company. "Now all of our new neighbours can enjoy an amazing home," said IKEA . "Even our furry, feathered and flying friends." Bold Memphis-style shapes and colours recur among the designs, including Furman ‘s Bughattan, a totem pole-like tower with holes cut into it that invite bees and wasps to stop and rest. Furman created it from IKEA Eckbacken and Hammarp worktops. Other bright creations come from graphic artist Supermundane . His Dom bird house and Pipi bat house are both colourful collages cut […]


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