It’s Thrifty B**** Earlier this year, my colleague Annelise McGough and I wrote about Marie Kondo’s reality show and the craze it unleashed on America; the craze of “everything in this closet must go!!!” The phenomenon has been well-documented by overflowing Goodwills and packed-to-the-gills secondhand stores , with everyone trying to find a more joyful home for their joyless threads. Well, joyless or not, the market for old jeans is certainly expanding. ThredUp, the online secondhand retailer, just released an analysis of the state of the used clothing market in 2019 using data from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Robert James Financial Services, and McKinsey. The good news: The popularity of buying clothes in their second (or third, or fourth) life is surging — and fast. The bad news: Attitudes about the disposability of clothing don’t seem to be changing that much. The secondhand market is supposed to double in size over a five-year period, from a valuation of $24 billion in 2018 to $51 billion in 2023, according to the report. In just the past three years, the percentage of women interested in buying pre-owned clothing increased by 42 percent, and the number of women who actually bought pre-owned […]


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