The urgency of the climate breakdown is now clearer than ever before – and it requires action that is equally urgent and commesurate to the threat. We need to build a bold political movement ready to confront the institutions driving climate breakdown. The urgency of the climate crisis demands that we escalate our organising efforts quickly, and now. Young people are already leading the way. With our support in identifying key institutional targets, demands and forms of action we can help set the growing climate movement up for success. Greta Thunberg: “I want you to act as if the house was on fire”. Photo by the Guardian. What’s the plan? Research shows that social movements win when a relatively small percentage of the population gets actively organised on a regular basis. That is why we will train hundreds of new climate defenders with the organising skills needed to effectively disrupt key institutions driving the crisis. Your involvement can make a big difference. Your ability to bring in your friends matters. To change the system, we need to be big, and loud, and bold. There are still those who benefit from wrecking the climate. Be it financial institutions, political offices […]


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